Cosmetics Products


E.U. Cosmetic Regulation, EC 1223:2009
Some of the key requirements of the European Cosmetic Regulation are

production of cosmetics shall be in compliance with relevant harmonized standard (ISO 22716),
appointment of responsible person within territory of the Member State,
notification of cosmetic product before placing it on the market; and
responsible person to keep product information file.

The Regulation is Consisted with

10 chapters,
40 articles, and
10 annexes

Annexex are

I:Cosmetic product safety report
II: list of substances prohibited in cosmetic products
III: List of substances which cosmetic product smust not contain except subject to the restrictions laid down
IV: List of colorants allowed in cosmetic products
V: List of preservatives allowed in cosmetic products
VI: List of UV filters allowed in cosmetic products
VII: Symbols used on packaging/container
VIII: List of validated alternative methods to animal testing
IX part A and B
X: Correlation table

Services of the Wise Co., Inc.

All necessary tests,
Draw up on safety assessment report both part A and B,
Notificaiton of the cosmetic,
Responsible person,
Draw up product information file
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