Management System Consultation

Management System


Ther are different types of management system, quality, environment, safety, energy, etc.

Management system standards have been developed specifically for each industry group, automobile, aircraft, vessel, train, medical device, cosmetics, waste, constructions, etc.

Properly established management system can save time, money and sometimes even helpful to predict and avoid risks. However, in reality, establishing management system is money, time and labor consuming work that many small and medium size organization will have to put a lot of efforts to do so.

Wise Co., Inc. can help you shortenning the process. We can shorten the time needed to establish your management system. we can improve your understanding and management ability in very short time. And your management, established by you and with your full understanding regarding management system, will endless save your time and money.

We have considerable experience in establishing management system based on

ISO 9001,
ISO 14001,
ISO 13485; and
ISO 22716

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