Global Medical Device Nomenclature
GMDN (Global Medical Device Nomenclature) is composed of

five digits, called GMDN code,
term name (General name of the device); and
GMDN is being used in E.U., U.S.A, Australia, Canada and other countries are expected to adapt GMDN right away.

New terms are issued frequently following requests from Users who are developing new technology or due to feedback from medical device Regulators. The GMDN Database is updated daily. Members are informed by email if a term in their ‘My Terms’ list is modified or made obsolete.

The problem is, to find and maintain GMDN to my device, you have to pay fees for initial membershop + annual fee. Even if you don’t need dozens of GMDN, you have no other choice.

Wise Co., Inc. is a registered to GMDN as CONSULTANCY ORGANISATION. This means we can issue and maintain GMDN for you wihtout having you any trouble to join and pay GMDN agency for credits you will not used within a decade. We can provide you this service with reasonable cost.

Process is simple and not time consuming.
Send us an e-mail with your Instructions for Use attached.
We will provide you a quotation
You will review and deposit if you want to use the service
Review our proposal GMDN and confirm
GMDN issued, done.
Please Contact us for any further question.